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29 April 2015

A satellite communications-based system developed with the support of ESA is making it easier for a Belgian medical team to test new antiviral drugs for the treatment Ebola patients in West Africa.

24 March 2015

Long-term monitoring using historical Earth Observation data and short-term GNSS positioning is a potent combination for studying the health and well-being of complex structures such as bridges.



Latest Projects


Status date: 19 May 2015

The project aims to provide reliable and efficient TV signals collection and distribution through High Throughput Satellite utilizing innovative dynamic coding, dynamic bandwidth assignment and full IP solutions. The current application scenario is Italian Lega Pro football championship played in 60 sites distributed all over Italy while future application will include other sports, live events, etc.

InsureApp Service - The hazard control room for the insurance Industry

Status date: 19 May 2015

The objective of this demonstration project is designing, developing and pre-operating a web-based platform for improving the efficiency of insurance claim management with focus on weather-related hazards. The key service offered to the insurance companies is the Flood Claim Report Generator which will automatically generate reports for specific flood or rainfall events based on the best available information.

Eagle Space

Status date: 13 May 2015

Eagle Space aims at the integration of space based capabilities in crisis management to support the joint combat of natural flooding and wildfire disasters.  The proposed concept is based on realising a harmonised awareness of the disaster area and emergency operations between the various emergency entities in different regions with own working cultures.


Status date: 13 May 2015

Communication and access to information are key requirements for public safety services responding to an emergency. However communication capabilities are often compromised or destroyed. Reliable alternatives must be rapidly deployed.

The IDRC study defines and assesses the technical and business feasibility of an operational service providing a wider access to the benefits of space capabilities in the first 72 hours.


Status date: 12 May 2015

TransparentForests, a customised web based GIS mapping and data management service, will increase the credibility and transparency of the FSC certification process and certificates issued. It will create opportunities for operational efficiency across the certification service delivery chain. It supports all stakeholders in engaging and improving certification and complaints management process. 


Status date: 11 May 2015

FLARE is investigating the feasibility of an integrated software package and data service which supports the global forest insurance industry, improving asset estimation, loss adjustment and claims management. The project will utilise space assets to equip users across the claims process with access to robust, worldwide Earth Observation and Global Navigation Satellite System data and products, within a simple interface.


Status date: 08 May 2015

MIDAS integrates Cobham’s state-of-the-art landmine and IED detection systems and VR training solutions with GNSS and satellite imagery, along with an integrated wireless network for communications and connectivity to record data. Overall MIDAS improves the efficiency, coordination and safety of worldwide post conflict mine clearance operations.


Status date: 08 May 2015

The IAP-Copernicus study addresses the use of space assets, combined with terrestrial « web2mobile » technologies, in the provision of reliable, ad-hoc information to all stakeholders involved in the monitoring of risks and mitigation of hazards impacting people.  The study focuses on the development of an economically sustainable « Business Services Platform » for two use cases: public safety in Belgium and food security in Senegal.



Status date: 06 May 2015

Concentrating solar thermal power plants with an electricity production of up to 250 MW have to be integrated into the electricity grid. Both day-ahead and intra-day forecasting of the production and therefore direct solar irradiance forecasting is needed.

The demonstration project investigates a production forecasting system using numerical weather prediction and satellite-based nowcasting. The project includes the setup of a demonstration solar production forecast system for the La Africana power plant in Spain.


Status date: 06 May 2015

With the support of ESA, Finnish company Sharper Shape Ltd is developing innovative services for the improvement of maintenance and recovery of high voltage electricity transportation infrastructure using SatEO, GNSS data and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.