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24 March 2015

Long-term monitoring using historical Earth Observation data and short-term GNSS positioning is a potent combination for studying the health and well-being of complex structures such as bridges.

24 February 2015

Demonstration and pilot implementation of a satellite-based operations control system for managing teams in alpine rescue missions.



Latest Projects


Status date: 27 March 2015

LuxSpace in partnership with navama and the Smart Fishing Initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) develop an innovative fishery monitoring system. The system will exploit satellite technology in the surveillance of fishing activities at sea in order to promote legal and transparent fishing operations. Targeted at certified sustainable fisheries, the new system retraces the routes and activities of fishing vessels and assesses the conformity of fishing operations with sustainability standards and rules. Moreover, this information will be made available to seafood customers via a smartphone app.


Status date: 27 March 2015

GeoSHM (GNSS and Earth Observation for Structural Health Monitoring) is a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system that integrates GNSS and Earth Observation technologies to offer an integrated solution for the maintenance of different types of asset. 


Status date: 26 March 2015

The project, which is part of ESA's Newcomers initiative of the ARTES 3-4 Programme, is aimed at developing, integrating and validating a set of mobile applications onboard of vehicles such as cars, coaches and trucks, using the S-Band delivery platform of Solaris on the Eutelsat W2A satellite.


Status date: 25 March 2015

The SFEDONA project aims to design, develop, validate and demonstrate a complete end-to-end fire detection and alerting application which makes use of state-of-the-art fire detection technologies based on terrestrial optical cameras and sensors, data fusion, satellite and wireless communications as well as modern IT technologies.


Status date: 25 March 2015

Plough Stars“ is a feasibility study funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) “Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)” Programme. The industrial team is led by Berner & Mattner and investigates new services and applications for improving winter road maintenance. These integrated solutions are based on existing terrestrial systems, enhanced with space-based technologies like satellite navigation, satellite communication and earth observation. Both, users and stakeholders involved in winter road maintenance, benefit from this system through a simplified routine. 


Status date: 25 March 2015

CCP aims to develop a new technology that allows non-technical personnel create, deploy, browse and download applications for interactive TVs or regular TVs connected to set-top boxes.


Status date: 25 March 2015

The objective of the project is the development and validation of a system for the provisioning of an integrated maritime communications service.


Status date: 25 March 2015

This is a pilot project to demonstrate the suitability of the Sat3Play platform, originally designed for the consumer and SoHo market, to provide reliable and secured financial services in remote and underserved areas in emerging countries in Africa. 


Status date: 24 March 2015

The SAFERDANUBE system will provide assistance to river vessels operating on the Romanian sector of the Danube river. This is required in summer and winter, to cope with the appearance of ice/sand banks that difficult and/or prevent the navigation.  The project’s pilot will demonstrate a service relying on the integration of Satellite Earth Observation data (SAR), Satellite Mobile Communication and Satellite Navigation Services to this aim.

EUROPORT Demo Project

Status date: 24 March 2015

Ports are fundamental and main part of inter-modal global transport in the world. The growth in freight transport stresses the existing infrastructure to its limits. There are already considerable signs of congestion in the European transport system, e.g. on the roads and in harbors. Congestion will have a negative impact on the costs and time of transportation, which affects the prices and the quality of products.